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Nashville Mayor Still Going Strong At 82

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Warren Evans
NASHVILLE, N.C. — Former North Carolina Sen. Jesse Helms was in his early 80s when he decided to end his political career. A small-town mayor who is 82 years old is still going strong. He was just elected to another four-year term.

The clothes on the carousel may go round and round at Warren Evans' dry cleaners, but Evans walked straight into victory in the Nashville mayoral race.

"I know I'm old, but I'm still able to do the job that I'm doing," he said.

At a time when many people Evans' age are kicked back enjoying retirement, he still works in his dry cleaners, and he is starting another four-year term as mayor after serving for 12 years.

"As long as I can listen to other people's problems and aches and pains, I don't have any myself. I don't have time to think about mine," he said.

Many people in Nashville have mixed feelings when it comes to whether a 82-year-old can be in politics.

"I think a person should keep on going forever if that's what they want to do and they're very interested in doing it," resident Lisa Hattaway said. "I don't think age should be a factor."

"I think you should sit back and let some younger people in. Everybody's looking for work. He should be retired," resident Shirley Farrell said.

Evans said work is the only hobby he has. He has undergone a heart bypass, a knee operation and a back operation, but he said he feels great.


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