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Fayetteville Re-Elects Mayor To Second Term

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FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. — Fayetteville's first black mayor easily won re-election Tuesday night.

Mayor Marshall Pitts Jr. beat out his runoff opponent, real estate agent Robert Anderson for a second term.

"This is a clear symbol that Fayetteville wants to be a more progressive city," Pitts said Tuesday night.

Pitts must deal with proposed annexation of some 43,000 Cumberland County residents.

With the election won, Pitts must now he must deal with issues like annexation. Soon, 43,00 people could become instant residents of the city.

Many are expected to be unhappy with city leaders right from the start, perhaps making it the first big test of Pitts' second term.

"It's a big challenge," he said. "You're talking about a huge section of people and I think it's going to take a lot of information, a lot of meetings to really make them feel comfortable being brought into the process if we do decide to annex."

Pitts said he wants to focus his attention on economic development.

In his first election, Pitts' slogan was "Change Is Coming." This time he said it is "Change Is Now."



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