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Some People Take Advantage Of Wake Forest Charity's Good Will

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WAKE FOREST, N.C. — An organization in Wake Forest designed to feed the hungry had to temporarily shut its doors after some people were taking advantage of their charity.

Operation Harvest has been in existence since 2000, helping to provide food for those in needs. Over recent weeks, staff members found that some people would come at different times of the day with different disguises in an attempt to get more food.

Jeann Beasley, executive director of Operation Harvest, said some people lied about their needs and cleaned out the facility. She said some people even got chickens from the food bank and sold them throughout the community.

"It's almost hard to comprehend. My mind does not go into those spaces that people can do that," she said. "It makes me very upset that people take advantage of a good thing."

Officials said they will reopen the facility Tuesday and revamp the application process. Those people wanting to use the service will have to provide photo identification and a Social Security card.

If you would like to make donations to Operation Harvest, you are asked to call

(919) 562-8844.


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