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Hillsborough Street Bridge Set To Reopen

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RALEIGH, N.C. — After almost two years and millions of tax dollars, the Hillsborough Street bridge is set to reopen.

After adding a layer of pavement, engineers say the bridge will open to traffic this weekend. Officials say the old bridge at Hillsborough Street and Glenwood Avenue was crumbling.

Some businesses are finally glad to have traffic rolling in again.

"It's essentially killed our business over time," said Alan Rogers, who runs Snoopy's restaurant next to the bridge project. "It'll take awhile for people to get back down in his area."

Edenton Street will return to its normal traffic pattern and reopen from West Street to Hillsborough Street. Morgan Street will maintain two-way traffic between Dawson and Saint Mary's streets.

At a cost of $5.6 million, the engineer in charge of the project said the improvements made it the most expensive bridge per square foot in North Carolina.

State Department of Transportation crews say construction was slowed by historic structures nearby. The bridge project is several months overdue and DOT officials plan to bill the contractor for the over-run.