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Vance County Woman Tunes In To Five On Your Side For TV Repair Help

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VANCE COUNTY, N.C. — If a television breaks and is taken for repair, you would expect it to be fixed in a timely mannerTracy Harris found out that is not always the case.

Harris' sons and husband watch a lot of sports on TV. That is why she enjoys having a second TV so that she can watch what she likes. Her set broke in May.

"One day we tried to turn it on and it wouldn't come on at all. It just made a humming noise. You could hear the stuff in the TV working, but [there was] no picture," she said.

Harris took the TV to Audio TV and Appliance Center in Henderson. She said she was told the TV would be ready in a week, but it was not.

A shop employee told her they were waiting on a part and that the TV would be ready the next week.

"It still wasn't ready. So he told us to call him back the next week and it still wasn't ready," she said.

Harris kept calling and kept getting the same response.

"It began to be like I was harassing him to get my TV back, because I just, you know, kept calling and he'd tell me, 'I need another week,' or 'It'll be ready in another week.' Weeks just turned into months," she said.

Harris waited four months and called Five On Your Side.

"We really wanted our TV back, and by us calling, it wasn't working. I saw Five On Your Side on TV said I was going to call you all and see if you could help me," she said.

After calling Audio TV and Appliance Center, owner Bill Jordan blamed the problem on getting the right parts and told Five On Your Side that if he could not get it ready in three or four days, he would put the TV back together and give it back to Harris.

The next week, Harris got her repaired TV back. She is happy the hassle is over and that she can watch what she wants to again.

The repair cost $80 and is under warranty for 90 days. Harris hopes she will not have to take the shop up on the warranty.


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