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Beer May Soon Be Added Ingredient In Barbecue Township

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BARBECUE, N.C. — Barbecue is both a North Carolina food and a North Carolina township in Harnett County. Harnett County is currently a "dry" county, but if alcohol advocates have their way, beer in Barbecue may soon be an added ingredient.

Some residents of Barbecue Township have put together a petition, wanting to have alcohol sold in the area and believe they might get it voted in.

"We've had a lot of people to sign up for it and the Barbecue district is looking forward to getting it," store clerk Margaret Williams said. "It's good for business."

There are more than 1,000 townships across the state. The General Assembly recently passed a bill that allows them the right to seek alcohol sales.

"Everybody in the community is riding to Moore County to buy alcohol, so why should Moore County benefit instead of Harnett County," resident Danny Marks said.

Some residents believe beer should not be sold in Barbecue.

"I don't think they should sell alcohol. I really don't because there are too many teenagers," resident Kay Cockerham said. "There's so many of them drinking and driving and getting killed and everything else. It's not a good idea."

In Harnett County alone, five townships recently tried to put alcohol sales on the ballot. So far, Barbecue is the only one to make it happen. The local Board of Elections is expected to schedule a vote sometime between January and March.


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