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Eureka Ballot Stands Out For Lack Of Names In Commissioners' Race

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EUREKA, N.C. — Tuesday's election will be a cliff-hanger in one Wayne County town.

It is not that the Eureka town board races will be competitive. The problem is, there is no competition.

"Just nobody wants to run for it," said Eureka resident Luther Mozingo. "They are going to inherit the problems if they run. So I don't know what they are going to do."

Three board seats are open. But there is only one name on the ballot: Al Head.

"A lot of people like this loyal community," Head said. "But they don't want to involve themselves in it. They're too busy."

Some say the problem in Eureka is that it is more like a doughnut than a town. Most who live within the city limits are retirees. Many with an interest in local government live just outside its borders -- and can not run for office or vote. They also do not have to pay city taxes.

"The town taxes have gotten so high that I don't see how people are going to afford it," Mozingo said.

At a public hearing Monday night, many citizens wanted to talk about saving money by abolishing town government. The two commissioners who showed up only wanted to talk about cutting the board in half -- to three members. But they could not vote on it because, once again, they did not have enough commissioners present.

Head said he does not want to be part of a three-member board.

"Those three are pretty much going to run the whole town," Head said. "I think you need at least five. That way, there is more difference of opinion."

But even Head admits that difference of opinion can only be achieved if others are willing to throw their hat into the ring.

This is not the first time Eureka has been short on candidates. Several times in the past, write-in candidates have accepted vacant seats. That is what some are counting on for Tuesday.

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