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Wilson Man Sentenced To Federal Prison On Firearms Charges

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RALEIGH, N.C. — A Wilson County man who caused his entire neighborhood to be evacuated for hours is headed to federal prison.

John Curtis Lee was sentenced to more than 17 years and three years unsupervised release for unlawfully possessing and making firearms inside his home.

Investigators found handguns, rifles, a sawed-off shotgun and a bomb inside his home more than a year ago.

Because they were not sure what they would find, police evacuated Lee's neighborhood overnight while a bomb squad disarmed a homemade explosive device.

Lee was indicted last April. In a plea deal, he pled guilty in June to possessing firearms after having been convicted of a felony, two counts of receiving and possessing unregistered firearms, and one count of unlawfully making firearms.

At the time of his arrest, Lee was in possession of two handguns, two rifles, a sawed-off shotgun with a silencer, an unregistered explosive bomb, and three firearms silencers.

The saga began when Johnston County authorities asked Wilson police to arrest Lee, who lived at 904 Carolina Street.

Lee fled but later was caught and admitted to having illegal weapons and explosives in the home.

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