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N.C. State's Centennial Campus Continues To Undergo Changes

Posted October 29, 2003 4:19 a.m. EST

— Kudzu once covered the land at

North Carolina State University's Centennial Campus

. Now, college construction is creeping in with at least eight major building projects under way, adding a half-million square feet of space.

N.C. State's Centennial Campus began small in 1991 with the School of Textiles. Officials say it is now blooming into one of the largest university research centers in the country.

"This is the university of the future," said Marye Anne Fox, chancellor of N.C. State.

By 2005, all engineering departments will be in new facilities. In two years, the state Wildlife Commission will also make its home at Centennial Campus. Every project is planned with the same mission in mind.

"To build a place where we could more closely collaborate with our partners in industry and government," said Bob Geolas, planning director for Centennial Campus.

For example, Red Hat Software sponsors research and offers co-ops and internships to students. The only thing lacking is campus housing, but that will not be for long. Private developers are partnering with N.C. State to build condominiums.

However, the new housing may not fit the budget of most college students. Officials say midrise condominiums begin at $178,000. The planned four-story townhouses are expected to be worth $205,000.

"It is priced more for the market of those [people] whether they be in faculty positions or positions in the private companies here," Geolas said.

"I think that people look at it as a good future. The school is growing, and new facilities provide new technology," student Nikola Vouk said.

N.C. State University's master plan also includes an elevated transit system to link the historic university with Centennial Campus.