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Hit-And-Run Victim Wonders Who Hit Her on Raleigh Beltline

A local woman hit and left for dead on a Raleigh highway last Tuesday afternoon is still recovering at WakeMed, wondering who was responsible for landing her in the hospital.

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Shana Strafaci
RALEIGH, N.C. — A steel rod now holds one of Shana Strafaci's legs together. A metal plate has been inserted in her left arm. And she says pins are keeping her pelvis intact.

"I'm very lucky to be alive," Strafaci, 40, said.

Last Tuesday afternoon, Strafaci said the nightmare began as she was driving home from a doctor's appointment on Interstate 440.

Police reports say there was heavy rain and Strafaci hydroplaned in her mini-van. According to the report, she lost control, hit a guardrail and came to rest near the shoulder of the roadway near Rock Quarry Road, facing oncoming traffic.

"All I knew is that my car was smoking, and I wanted out," Strafaci said.

But it turned into a near-fatal mistake. Police say an oncoming car swerved onto the shoulder to avoid hitting Strafaci's car and ended up hitting her.

"The main thing I remember is being in so much pain and the firefighter reassuring me that I was going to live," Strafaci said.

The driver who hit her never stopped.

Strafaci and her husband have four children at home and no health insurance. They'd like to know who was behind the wheel.

"If they ran after they hit her and left her lying in the road, it could happen again," Joe Strafaci, the victim's husband, said.

The couple says they have faith and hope someone will come forward to take responsibility for what they have been through.

Police say the driver might not have even known he or she hit Strafaci but Strafaci does not believe that is possible.

"I've stopped when I've hit a turtle or a squirrel," she said. "I know when I hit something."

Anyone with information is asked to contact local authorities.


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