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Some Wake Residents Out Of Luck With Isabel Debris Removal

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WAKE COUNTY, N.C. — Hurricane Isabel may be long gone, but piles of debris are still hanging around and some Wake County residents are out of luck with having their debris hauled away.

Ray Roberts and his neighbors knew they had a job to do after Hurricane Isabel.

"There is about seven piles up this same street that I'd been wondering [why] somebody hadn't been by here to pick it up," Roberts said.

"We got out there immediately and started chopping and we got it out there on the street before someone came by, so it would be ready," resident Anne West said.

However, no one has come by and six weeks since the storm, the debris still sits stacked and ready to go. The problem is the residents do not live in city limits or on a state-maintained highway. As residents of Wake County, they say they were told to take care of it themselves.

The residents said their debris was picked up in the past after the December ice storm and Hurricane Fran.

"We just kind of assumed that that is how it would be handled," resident Margie Morrison said.

If you are expecting city or state help to clean up Isabel debris, you have to act fast. The North Carolina Department of Transportation will pick up debris in disaster areas along state- maintained roads if you drag it out to the curb Monday.

Raleigh residents have a little more time. Officials expect to have debris cleared out by the end of the week.


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