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Students Want Answers After Shutdown Of Cary Computer School

Posted October 22, 2003 5:13 a.m. EDT

— Techtrain

, a computer training school, closed Tuesday without any notice to the students, leaving students looking for answers.

The school, which operated out of the Centre Greenway complex in Cary, broke the news to the students on its Web site and listed the reason as financial trouble. Students who showed up at the school found locked doors, posted letters and contact information. Ed Vanstory got the news from a fellow student.

"You're not happy. [There's] no use getting excited , because it doesn't do any good to get all bent out of shape," Vanstory said.

For some of the students, the closing is a double setback. Some of them like Vanstory have been laid off from their previous companies and went to Techtrain to work on a second career.

"I'll tough it out one way or the other," he said.

It is also tough for Vanstory, since he took out a loan to pay for tuition. At Techtrain, tuition ranges from $18,000 to almost $24,000, depending on computer course work. He is not sure if he will ever get his money back, but he is not giving up.

"We'll get something out of it. It may not be to our liking," he said.

Techtrain's main office is located in Charlotte. Techtrain also shut down schools in Florida.

The school's shutdown is the most recent in a number of computer training schools that have closed.

Last year,

Solid Computer Decisions

filed for bankruptcy. About 250 North Carolina students lost about $10,000 each. Ironically, some of those students later switched to TechTrain.

MCJ Solutions

also closed and left students without training they already paid for.

Experts suggest not paying a lot of money upfront for classes and check out a school's reputation before signing up.