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Former Lee County Prosecutor Sentenced For Alleged Murder Plot

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SMITHFIELD, N.C. — Former Lee County assistant district attorney Bill Huggins was sentenced to eight to 10 months in prison for allegedly trying to have his wife killed.

Huggins took the stand Wednesday and admitted to having an affair with Melissa Davis and talked about conversations he had with her about killing his wife, Kathy.

"There were conversations that occurred over a period of time. I told her you can't kill anybody. I can't kill anybody. Neither one of us are killers," he said.

Huggins testified during Wednesday's sentencing hearing that hefixed tickets for a woman he had a sexual relationship with andmade sexual advances toward another woman who was facing fraudcharges. He later apologized for his conduct.

"This is something I live with everyday," he said.

Prosecutors claimed Huggins asked Davis, to kill his wife, Kathy, using a gun that was once evidence in a 1997 Lee County murder trial that he had prosecuted. SBI agent Randy Myers testified in court that Davis told officials about numerous sexual encounters she had with Huggins in his office.

After Huggins' sentence was read, he broke down in tears.

Huggins pleaded guilty Tuesday to two counts of obstruction of justice, one count of embezzlement and one count of attempted obstruction of justice. He was also forced to surrender his law license.

Cameras were allowed Wednesday in the courtroom after being banned since Monday. The judge originally said cameras may affect efforts to find an impartial jury, but he changed his mind.


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