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Oxford Residents Seek Answers For Subdivision Woes

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GRANVILLE COUNTY, N.C. — For some Oxford homeowners, living in the Rollingwood subdivision has been more like a roller coaster. Now, they are looking for help to address construction issues that have come up.

"We feel like we're in between a rock and a hard place because nobody can help or will instruct us how to get help," homeowner Gloria Lewis said.

Lewis said the builder, Morton Bergen of Servco Realty, is slow to fix minor construction problems. One of the problems that concerns Lewis and other neighbors is an unfinished house that has been empty for two years.

County inspectors and state officials said the house meets their building codes. The city also said it meets its minimum requirements, but the state stopped construction because it was too close to a creek.

Officials found three other occupied homes were also too close. Bergen would not comment about the issue, but he told WRAL that he is working with state water quality officials to solve the problems. He redirected the flow of one part of the creek to move it further away from another home.

"He's put underground pipes under this front yard that is kind of sinking," Lewis said.

Lewis said the rechanneling pit is a safety hazard for kids. She and other neighbors tried to get county and city officials to help.

"Tthe only advice that I can give them is that it's something between the developer and themselves and they need a lawyer," Oxford Mayor Al Woodlief said.

The city stopped construction of Rollingwood's Phase III because of paving issues. Bergen closed his realty business and turned over future Rollingwood Development to his son, but he promises to resolve all issues that remain with the city, state and homeowners.


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