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Wake Voters Approve $450 Million School Bond

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RALEIGH,N.C. — Wake County voters approved a solution for the school system's growing pains. The $450 million bond outlines a plan to build 13 new schools and dozens of repair projects.

Wake County voters said yes to building new schools and repair projects.Horace Johnson, chairman of Friends of Wake County, said he could breathe a sigh of relief.

"I got a little concerned last week when some opposition came out, but I think that the people who supported education were loyal and came out the polls and it was been a successful day," he said.

Johnson and Ann Goodnight chaired the group supporting the bond referendum.

Superintendent Bill McNeal said the school system is growing at such a rapid pace that passing the bond is better than the alternative.

"Without this bond referendum, it means that the county commissioners and school board will be at the table trying to figure out how to build the schools. We have to build the schools. The only question is how do we pay for them."


Wake County Taxpayers Association

launched a last-minute opposition campaign, but said it will accept the voters' decision.

"The people have spoken, it's the will of the people. We just have to hope that the county commissioner will do what it said it will do not give us a tax increase." Rep. Russell Capps said.

The bond will not raise taxes and supporters say Wake County's growth should accommodate operating costs for building new schools.

Wake County voters also passed a $35 million proposal to build new libraries. The new facilities will be built on the northeast side of Raleigh and in the Leesville Road area. Money will also go towards a new library in Cary and in Holly Springs.


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