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Private Guards To Handle Checkpoint Security At Fort Bragg

Posted October 6, 2003 5:27 a.m. EDT

— By the end of the month, military police at Fort Bragg plan to have private security guards man the gates instead of soldiers.

"They're trained in the searching of a vehicle, searching of an individual, detention and apprehension of an individual," said Richard McKinney, of Alutiiq Security & Technologies.

Fort Bragg is not the first Army post to make the switch. Forts Meyer, McNair and Sam Houston have all put security in the hands of security guards. But, some soldiers are still surprised.

"They're armed. They're trained. We're confident they'll provide the same level of security as the soldiers," said Lt. Don Connelly.

"If the Army says, 'Hey, you know, these guys are going to do the job,' then I believe it," soldier Spc. Brittany Newton said.

The security guards are scheduled to work alongside military police for another few weeks until MPs feel they are ready to be on their own.