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Moeser Says UNC Faces Tough Obstacles Ahead

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CHAPEL HILL, N.C. — The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's chancellor delivered his annual "State of the University" address Wednesday. James Moeser said UNC faces some tough obstacles.

"What does it mean to be the university of the people in the 21st century?" Moeser asked.

The question brings challenges, among them the number of faculty Carolina loses every year. Last year, Moeser said, "percentage of losses in the college climbed to 60 percent.

"This is a trend we cannot allow to continue," he said.

Faculty may be leaving because of salaries that are not high enough.

"The issue is not just salary," Moeser said. "Our benefits packages are not competitive when compared to our private and public peers."

One way, perhaps, to boost university revenue is to increase the percentage of out-of-state students. Eighteen percent of Carolina students are from other states, and that 18 percent is a systemwide cap. There is talk of adjusting it.

At Carolina, out-of-state students pay almost $15,000 in tuition versus about $3,000 a year for in-state students.

"We strongly support the proposal to adjust the cap," Moeser said.

The chancellor also uncapped a program that will enable students of low-income families to attend UNC without borrowing a penny -- part of what he called the

Carolina Covenant.

He said UNC is the first public university in America to launch such an initiative.

"That we shall be for the 21st century as we were meant to be, the university of the people," Moeser said, drawing a round of applause.