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Familiar Issue Could Decide Cary Mayoral Race

Posted September 30, 2003 10:22 a.m. EDT

— A week from Tuesday, people will head to the polls to elect new mayors or thin down the field.

In Cary, incumbent Glen Lang faces two challengers. The big issue this election is a familiar one.

Four years ago, Lang won the mayor's office on a promise to rein in out-of-control growth. Now, Lang's challengers say the reins are too tight.

Lang disagrees. He said the town is on the right track. He pointed to recent business expansion and the current recruitment of three biotech and high-tech firms.

"You don't try to buy them down; you don't try to subsidize them," he said. "What you do is build the most outstanding high-quality town in the U.S. They come all on their own."

Lang still feels, like he did four years ago, that growth should be curtailed until roads and schools catch up.

"We need a reassessment," he said.

But Councilwoman Julie Robison said high impact fees are having the opposite effect -- by creating higher-density housing.

"The developers are forced to build new residential areas more densely," Robison said, "and the citizens in Cary really don't like that."

What do the citizens like? Next week, their vote will tell.

Although his opponents have raised money to finance their campaigns, Lang plans to use only his own money.