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Durham Man Strikes It Rich On 'Price Is Right'

Posted September 25, 2003 4:58 a.m. EDT

— A Durham man recently got to hear for himself the well-known TV phrase that gets people running:

"Bahari Harris, come on down," said Rod Roddy, announcer for "The Price is Right."

The 24-year-old Harris, whose appearance on the show aired Thursday morning, could not believe his ears.

Harris was out in California for a conference earlier this summer and got tickets to the popular game show. Little did he know that he would get on the show and then do so well.

First, Harris won a pair of recliners to get on stage. Then, he won some stemware in the

Any Number


He won his Showcase Showdown, and then won the Showcase itself.

His total winnings equaled $42,000 -- a car, a trip to Italy, a TV.

After returning to Durham, Harris sold most of what he won to pay off his student loans. But he did keep the TV.