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Defense Raises Questions About Credibility Of Prosecution Witness

Posted September 26, 2003 7:25 a.m. EDT
Updated December 9, 2006 10:27 p.m. EST

— Defense attorney David Rudolf questioned the credentials of a prosecution witness in day 52 of the Mike Peterson trial.

Shaibani used five live human beings as models to demonstrate his point. He said science proves Kathleen Peterson's injuries did not come from a fall.

However, with the jury out of the courtroom, defense attorney David Rudolf made it clear he plans to not only attack Shaibani's testimony, but Shaibani himself.

"It's our position that Dr. Shaibani has testified falsely about his credentials in a number of cases under oath," he said.

Rudolf suggested Shaibani may not have as many degrees as he claims. Rudolf told Judge Orlando Hudson he would raise the issue in front of the jury on cross-examination.

Earlier in the day, Dr. James McElhaney used autopsy pictures to show the 33 different bruises and cuts found on Kathleen Peterson's body. He believes Kathleen Peterson was hit one way or another 15 times.

McElhaney also testified the location, the direction and the number of cuts on her head point to a beating, not a fall.

The biomechanics expert disagreed with the defense theory that Kathleen Peterson fell and hit her head twice causing all the injuries. He said the speed and angle at which she would have to fall makes that scenario highly unlikely.

Shaibani is expected to continue his testimony Friday.