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Food Bank Puts Disaster Relief Plan Into Action

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RALEIGH, N.C. — With Hurricane Isabel continuing on its path to hit somewhere on the east coast by Friday, the

Food Bank of North Carolina,

which serves 34 counties in central and eastern North Carolina, is equipped with essential food items and has begun to put its Disaster Relief Plan into action.

"The Food Bank remains calm and productive and is keeping alert in the event of a natural disaster on our coastlines," said Jane Cox, executive director of the Food Bank.

In general, and especially if a hurricane strikes, the three most needed items at the Food Bank are canned tuna, peanut butter and bottled water.

Water will be needed especially in the event of a hurricane, as power outages can be frequent and last for many days. Of course, monetary donations and volunteers, as well, are critical during a time of natural disaster.

To maximize effective coordination of disaster relief efforts, the Food Bank of North Carolina is teaming up with local

Red Cross chapters,

emergency management agencies and other disaster relief providers to develop a disaster response plan for serving respective communities.

"It's the goal of the Food Bank of North Carolina and

America's Second Harvest,

in coordination with other local disaster relief organizations, to work cooperatively to act as conduit for donated food and other essential grocery items for the purpose of disaster relief," said Peter Werbicki, deputy director of the Food Bank of North Carolina.

The Food Bank of North Carolina acknowledges that every natural disaster is a unique event, and each requires those taking part in disaster relief to strive to frame and conduct their efforts in a manner involving commitment, cooperation, compassion and reflection.

"I think these notions provide a framework that is essential to conducting an effective disaster relief effort, and I'm encouraging employees here at the Food Bank to adopt these ideas in whichever way they might participate should the Food Bank need to respond to a disaster," Werbicki said.

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