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Fayetteville Students Hope To Get Valuable Experience From Isabel

Posted September 16, 2003 1:24 a.m. EDT

— While residents keep a close watch on Hurricane Isabel, it is also an important, real-life learning experience for students. For one unique science class, it is a particularly valuable lesson.

Students at E.E. Smith High School are keeping a close eye on the eye of the storm.

"To see how it moves. To see pictures of it. It's excellent," student Sean Chapman said.

Danita McDonald, who teaches the class, said you do not often get a teaching tool like this often.

"They're just seeing everything on paper, maybe watching a video or whatever, but then to actually be able to plot this video and you see it in real time, then it does make it more exciting," she said.

Students follow the computer models and learn about the history of hurricanes. Of course, they have their own predictions about Hurricane Isabel.

"I honestly think that Isabel will come close and we will get winds from her," McDonald said.

"If it hits, I predict that I'm not going to be be here," Chapman said.

The class is actually taking its knowledge one step further by putting together a hurricane survival guide for special-needs students.