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Five N.C. Counties' Fight For School Money In Hands Of State Supreme Court

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HOKE COUNTY, N.C. — The fight over how much money the state gives to poor school districts is back in front of the state Supreme Court Wednesday.

Five school districts sued the state nine years ago. They wanted the state to pony up more money to assure their children received an equal education compared to wealthier school systems.

School officials in Hoke County, one of the counties listed in the lawsuit, claim things have not changed.

"It just angers me when I go into another school system and I see the facilities that they have and I campare them to the facilities that we have," teacher John Fux said.

Some parents in Hoke County also want the best for their children.

"There's some really good kids here, but they just need a chance," parent Tynya Marks said. "They need better computers. They need more teachers to teach kids that have problems here."

Teachers in Hoke County say it is especially difficult when they want to offer a "new" course to students. They say they do not always have the money to buy the right textbooks or materials for the class.


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