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Raleigh To Get Overhead Street Signs

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RALEIGH, N.C. — City officials claim 75 percent of major intersections in Raleigh have no overhead street signs. Instead, motorists are often stuck trying to read smaller signs by the side of the road. But the days of squinting eyes will soon end.

Raleigh will soon start installing overhead signs at all signalized intersections.

"Proper signs would help out [and] probably save a lot of accidents," motorist Matt Decker said.

Many motorists have questioned why city officials did not come up with the idea sooner.

"We don't want our intersections looking cluttered. We want them to look nice and clean and neat," city traffic engineer Mike Kennon said.

After looking at other cities, including Durham, which clearly marks major intersections, traffic engineers decided to get with the sign of the times.

"There's a balance of what's informative to the driver and we feel like we're striking that balance by installing these signs," Kennon said.

With 300-plus intersections to add signs, the project could take up to two years. Some of the new overhead signs will pop up in about six weeks on Capital Boulevard and Glenwood Avenue. Signs for the entire city will cost around $100,000 and officials say that cost does not include labor.


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