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Mother Works Hard For Greene County Toddler Needing Surgery

Posted November 13, 2003 11:04 a.m. EST

— Jay Bew is a little boy from Greene County who has a large tumor on the side of his face. The disorder is somewhat rare.

He faces potentially life-changing surgery. But he has the support of his community and, most of all, his mother.

Jay is a happy 2-year-old -- with a serious side. It is a tumor of the blood vessels that developed when he was just a month old.

"You know, even when Jay was an infant, he didn't realize how ugly people could be," his mother, Mary, said. "But I did. And it was just terrible. People would be really ugly, staring and pointing."

Mary approached one doctor after another about removing Jay's tumor. But they all said it was too risky. Though it is probably not cancerous, the tumor can be dangerous if it were to hemorrhage.

"It could be right then and there a life-and-death situation," Mary said.

Jay's mother finally found a doctor in Los Angeles. He not only specializes in the surgery, but his own two daughters were born with the same disorder Jay has. He could remove Jay's tumor.

The surgery is scheduled for November, but there is a catch. The hospital will not accept Mary's out-of-state Medicaid insurance, and it has to have the money in cash two weeks before surgery for the surgery to happen.

The surgery costs $15,000. The community has rallied to raise the money.

"There is no way I can even explain my gratitude," Mary said. "You know, everybody who is a mother can realize how much I appreciate everything everybody has done."

The surgery, the support -- the face of an answered prayer.

"Oh, he is a perfect little angel," Mary said of Jay. "I mean, every day, he learns something new, and this is going to be a new beginning for him."

Jay's surgery is Nov. 5. But he may need one or possibly two more surgeries, costing thousands.

A fund has been set up through the State Employees Credit Union for people wanting to help pay for the surgery. Make checks payable to: The State Employees Credit Union, P.O. Box 217, Snow Hill, N.C., 28580, For: Jay Bew Surgery.

Fundraiser coordinator Ellen Parker can be contacted at


Rev. Otis Hamm called WRAL Wednesday night to say he is organizing a golf benefit for Jay to be held Oct. 4, 2003, at Wedgewood Golf Club in Wilson. There will be two flights of 30 teams. Cost is $40 per player, and registration can be obtained by contatcing Kim Hagen at


, or


or Rev.Hamm at