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Victim Of Mudsling Accident Continues Recovery

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FRANKLIN COUNTY, N.C. — On Aug. 16, a young mother was killed in an accident hundreds of people will never forget. A Jeep plowed through a fence and into a crowd of spectators at a race track in Franklin County.

Twenty other people were wounded -- including Cristy Miles.

"Once he hit the dry dirt, he just flew like a rocket. That's about what it sounded like," Miles said.

Built to move through mud, the modified Jeep muscled its way through the pit at Five County Raceway, but it did not stop there. Investigators said the throttle stuck, and the Jeep shot out of the mud, tearing through the crowd, killing Candace Brown.

The Jeep plowed over a fence and headed straight for Cristy Miles and her two young sons.

"It was just roaring, really loud -- louder than any of the rest of them. It sounded like it was right on top of us. When I turned around to look, it was. I mean it was right there," Miles said. "In my eyes, all I saw was tires."

Miles turned to run, but the Jeep was approaching too fast. It slammed into her, throwing her 75 feet.

"The next thing I remember from that point is being on the ground and my children standing beside me saying, 'Wake up mom, wake up mom.' I remember waking up long enough just to tell them I was OK. The next thing I remember was being at the hospital and all these people around me checking me out," Miles said.

The impact cut her liver and tore her colon. Miles was hospitalized for four days. Her boys were not injured.

"When something this scary happens to you, it makes you realize that life can be taken away from you real quick," she said.

Miles said until the accident, her family was having a great time at the track. She said she has no plans to test her luck by going back.

"I think I'm going to hold that scary thought and vision for a very long time," Miles said.

Miles said she prays for Brown's family and another woman seriously hurt in the accident. Theresa Medlin was released from WakeMed on Friday, Sept. 5.


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