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Durham School Board Under New Leadership

Posted August 28, 2003 10:35 a.m. EDT

— For the first time in seven years, the Durham School Board is under new leadership.

Thursday night, board members selected Rev. Michael Page to replace Kathryn Meyers as chairman of the board. Gail Heath was appointed vice chair.

Last year, police removed NAACP President Curtis Gatewood from the Durham School Board meeting in handcuffs. Gatewood and the crowd were upset by a close vote that re-elected Meyers to the board. The vote was split along racial lines.

Prior to Thursday, Meyers had won every contest for the job since 1996. She has served on the board since its formation in the 1992 merger and was its first chair. After stepping aside in 1994, she ran for the post again in 1996 and held it ever since. But despite being chosen by her colleagues year after year, she often has prevailed by only one vote.