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Lumberton Authorities Hope For Break In Shooting Of Wake County Teacher

Posted August 28, 2003 4:39 a.m. EDT

— Nancy Britt, a Wake County teacher, was visiting her sister in Lumberton when she was shot once in the upper body early Saturday morning. Detectives are hoping for a break in the case.

Lumberton police investigator Steve Sutton went to the home of Nancy Britt's sister to talk to family members, but unfortunately, he has nothing promising to share.

"Right now, we don't have any leads at all," he said.

Around 3:30 a.m. Saturday, Britt was found shot in the hallway of her sister's home about 30 feet inside the side door. Investigators said there were no signs Britt put up a struggle -- her jewelry and other valuables untouched. Investigators said they have no leads and no weapon.

"I'm totally perplexed by that. Obviously, robbery was not the motive. That's what we haven't determined -- a motive yet," Sutton said.

Authorities say Britt was found in her pajamas and her bed was unmade. Police have questioned friends and family members, but they have not gotten anywhere. They said just by the evidence, it does not add up to a random killing.

Even though police do not think the incident was random, they cannot rule it out. Authorities say the incident happened across the street from several hotels where motorists who travel along Interstate 95 check in and out all the time. A security camera from a nearby gas station also did not reveal anything.

Ben Cooper does not think a stranger killed Britt, but he said the incident has forced him to change his ways. Even if he is just in the yard, his doors are now locked.

"Because if I go around the front working, I can't see the back. I wouldn't know if anyone's around here or not," Cooper said.

Detectives say they have not found the small caliber weapon used to shoot Britt. They have sent the shell casing and bullet that killed her to the SBI crime lab for analysis.