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Angry Parents Demand Answers After Incident On Franklin County School Bus

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BUNN, N.C. — A school-bus incident in Franklin County has many parents outraged and demanding answers.

A 15-year old boy is accused of stabbing a schoolmate with a hypodermic needle. It was a situation the victim's mother said she saw coming.

Bunn Middle School buses are still taking students home. But a 13-year-old girl and her younger brother want their mother to pick them up instead. They said they are nervous and scared.

The girl and her mother do not want to show their faces. The daughter said that, while riding the bus two weeks ago, she was stabbed on the buttocks by a 15-year-old special-needs student with a homemade weapon as she napped.

"I awoke, and it felt like a mosquito bite," she said.

Investigators recovered what they think is the weapon -- a hypodermic needle hidden inside a ball-point pen. The girl said the boy tossed it out the bus window.

"It was a shock," the girl's mother said. "It was a nightmare. It still is. I have to worry that my daughter may have contracted some terrible disease."

A county schools representative said disciplinary action was taken in the case but would not say if that meant suspension or expulsion.

The Franklin County Sheriff's Office is pursuing the case in juvenile court.

The victim's mother said she warned school administrators the boy might hurt someone.

"They had everything there that would let them know that this boy could hurt another child," she said, "seriously hurt another child."

She said the boy has had problems with aggressive behavior. The worst part, she said, is that she does not yet know how badly her daughter may be hurt.

"It has tramautized both my children," she said. "It has tramautized my family."

Many parents of special-needs children plan to meet Wednesday. They are concerned their children are not getting the in-school therapy they need, and they said that is leading to more aggressive behavior.


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