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Wake County Goes High Tech To Keep Eye On School Visitors

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RALEIGH, N.C. — A new system using cameras and computers are being tested in some Wake County schools to help keep students safe.

Daniels Middle in Raleigh is one of three Wake County schools testing the computerized security system.

"It's just another tool in our arsenal to try to make sure schools are safe," said Corey Duber, security chief for Wake County Schools.

When visitors go to the schools, they are asked to type their names, who they represent and who they are visiting at the school into the computer system.

The computer prints a badge with the information. It also takes a picture of the visitor that is permanently stored in the computer. The principal can watch the image from the camera on his computer.

Eventually, the image on the screen will be printed on the badge so that no matter where the visitor is in the school, the picture and name are visible.

The school is also working on other features for the badge.

"Say somebody's going to the first-grade hall. We can color it red and then the second-grade hall blue. If somebody's in the wrong hallway, the staff members will automatically know somebody's not where they belong," Duber said.

"If someone came in to sign a child out, if there were custody issues, they would be keyed into the system and a red flag would come up," principal David Dennis said.

Parent Jackie Abbott loves the new system.

"It's a great way, I think, for administrators, teachers and everyone else to know who's in the building and why they're in the building," she said.

Wake County is using the system for free during the yearlong pilot test. If it decides to buy the system for more schools, it will cost $2,000 each.

Right now, the school system does not have funds earmarked for it.


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