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Raleigh Man Charged With Murder After Deadly Argument With Roommate

Posted January 30, 2004 10:57 a.m. EST

— One roommate is dead, the other arrested for murder. Raleigh police say Christian Williams killed David Clark during an argument late Saturday morning.

Williams was in the Wake County jail Saturday night. He told a neighbor that he hit his roommate in the head with a wine bottle during a fight. When police arrived at the house, Williams was still there, and according to the same neighbor, he was crying.

By the time police arrived, Clark was dead inside his home. There was blood on the floor.

Les Watkins is a member of the church that owns the home. He was mowing the back yard when a neighbor called him inside.

"We went into the house, took his pulse," Watkins said, "thought he was just passed out."

Police said Clark died at the scene from blunt force trauma.

A neighbor said Williams ran to her house and asked her to call 911. She said Williams was drunk, shaken, and had blood on his hands.

According to the neighbor, Williams said: "I killed him. I killed him."

Watkins said the roommates were problem renters for the church. He said Clark had a drug and alcohol problem and that Williams did not pay rent.

Watkins said the church was in the process of evicting Williams and Clark and had given them until the middle of September to get out.

"We just didn't want that kind of environment right here by our church," Watkins said.

Watkins said the church owns four houses in the neighborhood, and that because of what happened, members will talk about making a change.

"Maybe getting out of the rental business," he said, "and stay to the Lord's work."

Neighbors said Williams and Clark were best friends. But for some reason Saturday morning, they were arguing outside the house several hours before the police were called.