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Wake County 2004-05 Reassignment Meetings Continue

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Wake County parents have the chance to meet with school officials this week to discuss reassignment plans for next year.

School shuffling is always a hot topic.

Wake County school

administrators want to include parents in the process as best they can and have scheduled 11 public meetings to do just that.

The meetings started in Sept. and run through Nov.

After all of the meetings are held, a growth management proposal will be made public and input will be received.

All meetings are scheduled to start at 7 p.m.:

Meeting 2

  • Oct. 13: Leesville High
  • Oct. 14: Southeast Raleigh High
  • Oct 15: East Wake High
  • Oct 16: Green Hope High
  • Meeting 3:

  • Nov. 5: Leesville High
  • Nov. 6: Southeast Raleigh High
  • Nov. 12: East Wake High
  • Nov. 13: Green Hope High
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