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Henderson Citizens' Group Urges Others To Clean Up Town

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HENDERSON, N.C. — No one likes to see abandoned cars or empty homes with untended yards, so a citizens' group in Henderson is doing something about it.

Mary Emma Evans and Lynn Harper chair the Clean Up Henderson Committee. They want to get rid of junk cars, overgrown lots and trash on streets.

"We want to get rid of them, so the citizens can feel better about their property," Evans said.

The police department said it has dealt with up to 60 nuisance or junk vehicles since the committee formed in May. Some question whether handling those kinds of situations is the best use of a patrolman's time, especially with unemployment and violent crimes on the rise.

"It's our job as policymakers to decide what priority we need to place on this problem, then provide the necessary resources, which we'll do," said Clem Seifert, of the Henderson City Council.

The only cost so far is in work done by police and other city staff. Some are concerned pushing forward would involve more resources the city cannot afford.

"We will work with whomever they give us to work with junk cars, we're just anxious to get it done," Harper said.

Harper and Evans say getting rid of the eyesores will actually prevent crime and restore community pride.

"When you clean yourself up, you feel better overall about yourself," Evans said.

The Clean Up Henderson Committee operates at no cost to the city. Property owners are encouraged to clean up their lots themselves. If they do not, the city will do it for them and make them pay the cost.


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