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Granville Community Comes To Aid Of Neglected Horses

Posted August 18, 2003 10:59 a.m. EDT

— A group of horses in Granville County is now under the care of a veterinarian and volunteers.

Animal control officers and horse rescue groups seized more than 20 horses at the Hidden Oak Ranch located north of Creedmoor.

"We received citizen complaints that was viewed from public right of ways, easily seen animals in bad condition or need of care," said Cathy Hartley, Granville County animal control chief.

Members of North Carolina Equine Rescue League, the Granville County Humane Society and Animal Control seized the animals.

Animal control officers said many of the horses were found malnourished and had untreated abrasions, split hooves and other problems. Some horses were too sick to be moved. They are under a veterinarian's care and will remain on the same property for now.

"By the advice of the veterinarian, transporting them might have been a little too stressful on the horses at this moment," Hartley said.

Animal control is working through the county court to decide what will happen with the horses. The Equine Rescue League often helps the county find shelter for neglected horses.

Officials have not said who owns the horses and no charges have not been filed.

Hartley said it is unusual to have to seize horses. She said the department normally works with horse owners to educate them in properly caring for their animals.