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School District Investigates Allegations of Sexual Assault At NCSU Basketball Camp

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RALEIGH, N.C. — A North Carolina school district is investigating claims that several high-school students were sexually assaulted at a North Carolina State University basketball camp.

The incident allegedly took place in June, when the students were attending the Herb Sendek Basketball Camp.

The allegations surfaced weeks after the students left Sendek's camp.

Wednesday, a parent of one of the alleged victims said his son was sodomized by his older classmates at University Towers on the N.C. State campus.

Sendek, coach of the N.C. State men's team, holds a camp every summer that attracts hundreds of high-school students from across the state. But according to parents, something horrible happened when Avery High School came to the camp in June.

A parent who spoke on the phone to WRAL said that "as many as 10 rising freshmen were subjected to violent hazing and disgusting acts that may be considered sexual assault."

The parent told WRAL that one night after camp, a lewd sexual assault took place inside University Towers. He claimed that his son and several other younger students were sodomized by the older classmates.

One of the boys supposedly said: "This happened to us. Now it is your turn."

"We're outraged that it happened," the parent told WRAL.

The parent is not happy with how the Avery County School District has handled the matter.

"We are frustrated at the foot dragging and stonewalling that we have run into here," he said.

The school district released a statement Wednesday acknowledging that something inappropriate may have happened. School officials hired a lawyer to investigate.

N.C. State officals said that even though the camp is on campus, the high school is responsible for supervising the students.

University officials said they were unaware of the alleged assault until reporters called.

"I would think N.C. State would want to know about it and look into it," the parent said. "I would think Herb Sendek would want to know about it. After all, this is a camp that bears his name."

WRAL tried to contact Sendek. But university officials said he he did not want to comment.

The school district's lawyer said there is no evidence of sexual assault. The parent who spoke to WRAL said he is considering legal action.

Llawmakers recently more clearly defined the state's hazing law. Its definition of hazing is subjecting someone to personal injury as a prerequisite to joining a club. Students convicted of the crime are no longer required to be expelled.