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Mushrooms Sprouting Up Across Triangle

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Thanks to the wet weather, mushrooms have been popping up everywhere across the Triangle.

Dr. Gerald Van Dyke, a botany professor from North Carolina State University, really digs fungi of all types, including mushrooms.

"I teach a course in mushrooms and molds, which is why I'm such a 'fungi' to be around," he said.

Van Dyke said conditions have been just about perfect for mushrooms. Officials said they will continue to come up for the next couple of months as the state continues to see a lot of moisture.

The explosion of mushrooms has some people worried about safety for their kids and pets.

"Most of the mushrooms are probably not poisonous that you would have in the yard," he said.

But, there are toxic types like the death angel.

"The really poisonous one is usually in the woods," Van Dyke said.

Still, Van Dyke warns people to not take chances.

"I tell people don't eat any mushrooms other than in the grocery store," he said.

Many mushrooms sprout near the roots of trees or in wood mulch. Van Dyke said the mushrooms are deeply rooted underground and ridding your yard of them would probably be more difficult than it is worth. He recommends you leave them alone and enjoy the wide variety of shapes and colors while they are here.

N.C. State's Veterinary College warns that pets can be curious and eat mushrooms. Most would only get an upset tummy, but it may be a good idea to keep mushrooms mowed down.


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