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Cary Officials Condemn House After Dead Cats Found Inside

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CARY, N.C. — Residents in Cary are fed up with the rotting stench coming from a home that had 11 dead cats inside.

Police found the cats inside a home on Wintermist Drive. They also found feces and urine covering the entire house.

"It's just a smell you just can't describe -- that you just can't get rid of," neighbor Wendy Banning said. "It's something that stuck with me all day."

Cary police believe some of the cats had been dead for more than six months. Lt. Barry Nickalson, of the Cary Police Department, will not release the name of the tenant who lived at the home until police decide what to do next.

Neighbors say they saw little of the tenant. Raymond Fricker owned the house with his wife. They are now divorced. Fricker said he had turned the house over to a property manager to rent.

To get rid of the smell, officials said the home must either be torn down or remodeled extensively. Fricker said that is not his problem anymore since a mortgage company repossessed the house.

Officials say the dead cats are still inside the home. Officials say they cannot be removed unless the owner tells them to.


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