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Jurors Witness Graphic Video Of Kathleen Peterson's Body, Bloody Scene

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DURHAM, N.C. — A videotape and a demonstration caught the jurors' attention in day 13 of the Mike Peterson trial.

District Attorney Jim Hardin showed jurors through the Petersons' house by using a 12.5-minute video of the bloody scene where Kathleen Peterson's body was found. As the video was played, jurors could be seen holding their hands over their mouths in disbelief.

"There was blood on the steps, blood on the risers, blood in the corners, of course, blood all over the walls," evidence technician Dan George said.

George told the jury that towels were placed under Kathleen's head. He also said there were several paper towels scattered near her body.

Jurors got a close look at the clothes Mike Peterson had on the night his wife died, including his blood-stained shirt and shorts.

Earlier in the morning, Hardin pulled a lifesize doll out in the middle of the courtroom. Hardin used the doll to show how Kathleen Peterson's body was positioned in the stairwell.

George told jurors that once inside the house, Mike Peterson brushed past him and threw himself on Kathleen's body. George demonstrated Peterson's movements for the jury.

"At any point, did you see Mike Peterson actually sitting on Mrs. Petersons' legs," Hardin asked.

"He wasn't sitting on her legs. No sir. Her legs were spread apart, but he placed his bottom beside her right leg," George replied.

George is expected to continue his testimony on Monday.