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Family, Friends Hold Out Hope That Missing 76-Year-Old Still Alive

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FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. — It has been three weeks since 76-year-old Elsie Hales and her car were last seen. Her daughter, Pam Holmes, keeps hoping she will see her mother's car drive by.

"Nobody should have to go through this Hell on Earth," Holmes said.

Hales, who has diabetes, left her East Fayetteville home to pick up a relative from work. She never showed. Police say they have absolutely no idea what happened.

At 76 years old, could Hales have had a medical emergency and driven off the side of the road? According to police, that theory is looking more unlikely. If that were the case, they said, even on a side road, someone would have spotted Hales' car by now.

Relatives have searched for Hales down dozens of roads. Police have looked for her from the air. There is no activity on her credit cards, no signs that could lead the investigation in one direction.

A yellow ribbon hangs from Hales' front door. Candles flicker. A family hopes those candles will light her way home.

"I believe my mother is alive because I feel it in my heart," Holmes said, "and I would feel it in my heart if she was not. We are that close."

Hales' car is a 2001 Silver Mitsubishi Mirage. The license tag is PPZ 4187. The left front hubcap is missing.

Anyone who may have information about Hales or her car is asked to call the police.


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