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Henderson Teen Rescues Three Children From Burning Home

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HENDERSON, N.C. — A Henderson teenager is being called a hero. While headed to a friend's home last Monday, 17-year-old Koran Brown came across a burning house with three children trapped inside. Brown did not hesitate to help.

Brown said he was walking down Parham Street when he saw smoke coming from the window of a home.

"Just walking, just happened to stop by right here in the middle of the street when I saw smoke coming out the window," he said. "So I got on the porch and knocked on the window. I saw the bed on fire and the little boy was screaming."

"I just saw the bed in flames. It was just flames. And the kids were crying and screaming and everything," neighbor Franisha Spivey said.

Brown was able to get two boys out of the house as the flames began to build.

"When I got in the house it was just a small flame, but then when I got them out, that's when everything started catching on fire, from the walls to the curtains, the bed, the carpet," Brown said.

Brown then went back in to save a third child.

"So I got them out and they said, 'Hold on, my sister's in the room.' So I went in the house and got the sister out. She was sleeping."

"I would say he's a hero because no one realized what he had done. I'm glad he did get the kids out and the kids were just so small," neighbor Frank Spivey said.

Brown believes something bigger was at work.

"I think that God was giving me a sign to do something right, to do something right in life. So I wanted to do something right. For the first time, make something good out of myself," he said.

Roddie and Antoinette Harris are proud parents.

"Koran was blessed to get them out," Antoinette Harris said.

"If he hadn't walked up at that precise moment and went in there to get those children out, there wouldn't have been no way that you could've gotten inside, Roddie Harris said.

"If he hadn't went in there, it would've been terrible. I'm glad he did, though. I'm just glad he did. I'm glad everybody got out," Frank Spivey said.

"If I didn't stop, a life could've been gone. A couple of lives. So I'm glad I did stop," Brown said.

Koran said he has not seen the children he rescued since the day of the fire. The family, which had only lived in the house for a week, has moved.


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