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Raleigh-Based Reserve Unit Mobilized, Preparing For Desert Heat

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Members of a Raleigh-based Army Reserve unit are on active duty and could be headed to Afghanistan.

One-hundred-fifty members of the 805th military police company had a send-off Wednesday morning.They have been called up in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Noble Eagle.

Those operations have troops in southwest Asia, including Afghanistan and Kuwait, where temperatures have already reached 130° Fahrenheit.

Some of the MPs will have to get used to that. For some, North Carolina's heat has already proven too much.

During Wednesday's outdoor send-off, at least five reservists got so hot they had to be carried away.Specialist Andrea Miesner was one of them.

"They said not to lock your knees and I didn't lock my knees, but it was just really hot and I hadn't drank enough water, I guess," she said.

Leaders in the unit said they will keep an eye on the soldiers who have had problems with the heat.

"Drinking plenty of water and keeping them down on their down time. Rest in the heat as much rest we can give the soldiers the better," SSgt. Nelson said.

Some members of the 805th arrived in Raleigh from Missouri Tuesday. Their commander thinks the exhaustion from travel and the fact that some of them have never experienced North Carolina heat contributed to the problems.


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