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Arbitration In Miss N.C. Case Postponed Until October

Posted July 7, 2003 5:08 a.m. EDT

— Arbitration between the Miss North Carolina Pageant and Rebekah Revels was set for Monday, but it has been postponed until October because of a dispute over topless pictures that created a year-long crown controversy.

Soon after Revels won the 2002 crown, her former fiance, Tosh Welch, threatened to reveal the topless pictures. The beauty queen said the Miss North Carolina Pageant forced her to resign.

Last year in Robeson County court, Welch gave the pictures to Revels' attorney. Those pictures have become key to a lawsuit Revels filed against the pageant, alleging breach of contract.

"It would be an invasion of her privacy. It would be an invasion of her personal sense of dignity and grace of who she is," attorney Barry Nakell said.

Attorneys who are representing the Miss North Carolina pageant want to see the pictures because litigation is ongoing they will not say exactly why only that the topless shots are important to their defense.

Nakell said he cannot give up the photos because of a judge's ruling in Robeson County. He also points out the pageant did not have the pictures when they took the crown, so he questions why they need them now.

"What they are trying to do is embarrass Rebekah and dig up any type of scandal about Rebekah to muddy the waters," he said.

An arbitrator wants the two sides to come up with a compromise on the pictures or head back to Robeson County court. The arbitrator gave the two sides until next Tuesday to work things out.

No matter what happens with the lawsuit, Revels said she now has a new dream. She has hired an agent to pursue a career in film or stage. The arbitrator gave the two sides until next Tuesday to work things out.