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Arrest Warrant Issued For Local Man Who Walks Out Of Court

Posted July 5, 2003 8:59 a.m. EDT

— A warrant has been issued for Gerald W. O'Neal's arrest after the Clayton resident left a Wake County courtroom for a bathroom break and never returned.

O'Neal was in court to face drug charges. He was facing nine to 11 months in jail for a cocaine charge and another 10 years in prison if he recieved habitual felon status.

Judge Evelyn Hill sent for a jury after O'Neal arrived for his trial 45 minutes late. Assistant District Attorney Deborah Shandles said O'Neal left the Wake County courtroom while the jurors were in an elevator.

The jury waited for an hour while deputies searched the building before Hill dismissed them.

O'Neal asked Hill if he could go to the bathroom. The judge gave him permission, so O'Neal left the courtroom.

O'Neal also faces multiple misdemeanor charges related to a traffic stop in December.