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Daily Cup Of Coffee Can Pack On Unwanted Pounds

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NEW YORK — Today's coffee drinkers like more flavor such as blended coffees and frappucinos. However, nutritionists said you need to be careful and count the calories.

"They can go up to 600 calories for one beverage, where some meals aren't even 600 calories," said Betty Kovaks, of St. Luke's Roosevelt Hospital.

Health experts claim a person's favorite boost of daily caffeine could be like eating a whole meal. Most nutritionists believe the average woman should have 1,200 calories a day and one of a cup of coffee can use up half that daily amount.

"In a year, 100 extra calories would equal a 10-pound weight gain," Kovaks said.

Many of the calories from those type of drinks come from sugar and fat. A typical 20-ounce soda is 240 calories. According to Starbucks, the Grande Caramel Frappucinno with whipped cream is 430 calories. The 24-ounce Strawberry-Banana Smoothie from Dunkin Donuts comes in at 550 calories.

For an alternative, you could choose diet beverages. If you need coffee, you can add skim milk and artificial sweetener. Also, use food to fill your daily calorie load. Health experts claim you will feel fuller longer and it may just prevent weight gain.

A recent study showed caffeinated coffee may help prevent Type 2 diabetes. However, drinks with high sugar and fat content could put you at greater risk for diabetes.


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