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Henderson Residents Sign Petition Supporting Proposed Curfew

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HENDERSON, N.C. — Some Henderson residents say that teenagers are keeping them awake at night. With no curfew in place, neighbors say the teens congregate in their yards late into the evenings.

Motorists stopped their cars Friday to sign a petition after an appeal went out on a local radio talk show. Candace Cash is a 24-year-old mother and homeowner who's leading the charge for a citywide curfew.

"I'm very tired of baby-sitting Henderson's children," said Cash. "They roam our streets after 11 p.m. when businesses close."

Cash lives on Coble Boulevard, with a popular skating rink, miniature golf course, and a theater nearby. After the businesses close, the teens hit the neighborhoods.

"They walk the streets and come over here and pick fights all the time," said neighbor Billy Lawson. "I've had to run them out of my yard."

The petition calls for a citywide curfew of 11 p.m. for teens under age 18. Cash is working the neighborhoods in the hopes of collecting 600 signatures.

But not all residents are behind the effort.

"I think that's impossible," said Ashala Taylor, who opposes the curfew. "How can you go in the house around 11 p.m.? I don't get it."

The proposed curfew is on the agenda for Monday night's City Council meeting. A similar attempt failed two years ago, but backers of the curfew feel new members of the council will be more receptive.

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