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Raleigh City Manager, Sanitation Workers Continue Trash Debate

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Ranks Of Sanitation Workers Expand So Shifts Can Shorten
RALEIGH, N.C. — Raleigh city leaders are on a deadline. Sanitation workers say if their needs are not met by today, the trash trucks will stop rolling. City Manager Russell Allen is meeting with workers today to discuss their demands.

The sanitation workers staged two part-day walkouts last week amid claims that they are overworked and shorthanded. They also claim they never receive overtime pay or compensatory time off for the extra hours they put in.

Workers say the only reason the trucks have been rolling out every morning since last week's work stoppages is because of the promise by city officials that there will be change.

Since Allen met with sanitation workers last Friday, he has worked to deliver results. On Allen's recommendation, the Raleigh City Council approved six new positions for the city's sanitation department.

Council members also restored another six jobs that were to be phased out, and sanitation workers are also now receiving overtime pay.

Workers have alleged that there is poor management and leadership at the department. The city manager said he is looking into whether management changes are necessary.

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