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Police Search Home Of Ex-Teacher Facing Sex Charges

Posted September 20, 2006 5:56 a.m. EDT

— Police have seized computers, CDs, videos and photos from the home and cars of a former teacher charged with fondling several young girls at a Chapel Hill Montessori school.

Eric Grange, 43, of

519 Banks St. in Raleigh

, is charged with five counts of statutory first-degree sex offense and four counts of indecent liberties with a child. Police said five girls, ages 5 to 8, were sexually abused at the Montessori Community School in Chapel Hill.

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    Forensic Psychologist Talks About Grange Case

    Grange is in jail in Arlington, Va., awaiting extradition to North Carolina. A French citizen, he was arrested by immigration agents at Dulles International Airport on Sept. 6, police said.

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    Police searched Grange's home and his 1999 Infiniti on Friday, looking for evidence linking him to the girls. They seized five computers, 57 CDs and floppy discs, 156 audio tapes, 30 videos, four photographs, a roll of film, books of negatives and various documents, according to the search warrant.

    Investigators are searching for a scrapbook teachers said Grange kept at the school to see if it contains photos of or notes from the girls, the search warrant stated.

    They also are looking for anything belonging to the victims. A parent of one of the alleged victims told police she was concerned some of her daughter's clothes might be in Grange's home, according to the warrant.

    Also, a man gave investigators a picture of his 8-year-old daughter sitting on Grange's lap in a classroom at the school while he read a book to her and another alleged victim. The picture and others like it are important, according to the search warrant, because evaluations of the girls showed "the sexual assaults would occur when the victims were sitting on the lap of the defendant."

    Grange resigned from the Montessori school in June after authorities questioned him about suspected abuse of students, school officials said.

    Prior to working in Chapel Hill, Grange worked at the Montessori School of Raleigh and the Heartwood Montessori School in Cary. No allegations of abuse have surfaced at either school, police said.