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Dog Finds New Buddy After Recovering From Dragging Incident

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FUQUAY-VARINA, N.C. — Two months after he was dragged behind a sport-utility vehicle and was seriously injured, Buddy the dog has recovered and has found a new home.

Buddy was left for dead in a ditch off Adcock Road in Fuquay-Varina in July after being dragged for more than two miles. Witnesses said the dog's leash was tied to an SUV's rear bumper, and the woman driver finally unhooked the leash and drove off.

Wake County Animal Control officers said they don't have enough evidence to press charges against the woman, who has said the incident was an accident.

Two men picked up the injured dog and took him to Fuquay Veterinary Hospital, where he recuperated in recent weeks. He also found a new owner at the clinic.

"I had my other dog, Greasy, here at the vet getting his check-up, and I just happened to see Buddy sitting behind the counter and inquired what had happened to him," Steve Lessard said.

When Lessard heard the story behind Buddy's injuries, he wanted to help.

"I ride motorcycles, so I've slid down the road myself, and I know what it feels like," he said. "I figured, if he's tough enough to go through that, he deserves a chance. So, I did what I could to get him and help him."

Lessard initially handed out fliers to raise money to pay for Buddy's medical bills. People donated enough so that about $1,000 is left in a Buddy fund, and the Fuquay Veterinary Hospital will use it to care for other injured animals.

Last Friday, veterinarians said Buddy had recovered enough for Lessard to adopt him.

Buddy now has a big, fenced yard to run in, another dog to play with and a new owner who is happy to have him around.

"He's doing real good. He might have to have some work done later on -- he had a fractured hip, and that might lead to one more little, mild operation -- but he's doing real good," Lessard said.