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Raleigh Police, School Leaders To Discuss Crosswalk Concerns

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RALEIGH, N.C. — School leaders and police will be meeting Friday about an intersection near East Millbrook Magnet Middle School in Raleigh.

Parents and school officials said heavy traffic on Spring Forest Road makes it unsafe for kids to cross. Last year, one student was hit by a car. To prevent it from happening again, parents and the principal are asking for a crossing guard.

"We're very concerned about student safety, students not being hit by cars," said parent Daphne Wright.

Parents and school officials claim the traffic keeps getting worse in the area, especially this year. The school is down to one entrance because of construction.

"That's creating a situation in which it's going to end up in somebody getting hit," said principal David Ansbacher.

School staff members do their best to prevent close calls, but the principal said the city needs to step up as well.

"It needs to be more than a light changing. We need to have a crossing guard there," Ansbacher said.

Raleigh police said it is unusual for a middle school to have a crossing guard, because the general feeling is that kids are old enough to know how to cross the street safely.

City traffic engineers have done surveys on the intersection. They noticed students jaywalking and parents dropping off their kids away from school property. Police say education and traffic enforcement can help the situation.

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