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Couple Receives Reward For Finding Woman's Body

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HARNETT COUNTY, N.C. — For 16 years, Everette Barefoot and his wife, Gladys, have lived a peaceful life in a little house down a dirt road in Coats. And then last week, everything changed.

"That's something I never want to see again," said Gladys Barefoot last week. "That's the awfulest tragedy I've ever seen in my life."

The Barefoots found the body of Cynthia Moreland behind an old farmhouse. They said they had seen a dead tree they thought they could use for firewood to heat their home this winter.

"Two old country people just living their normal everyday life, you know, and a tragedy's thrown in front of them," said the Barefoots' nephew, Ray Coats.

It's not just a tragic situation, but an awkward one as well. The family has just received $25,000 in reward money for the discovery they made, which they said they pray to God they could forget.

"I'd rather not have it than to go through what we're having to go through with my wife," said Everette Barefoot.

Gladys Barefoot spoke to WRAL last week but has been too upset to speak publicly again.

"My wife, I might wind up getting her some help with it," said Everette Barefoot.

The Barefoots will pay off some bills with the money they've received. For years, Everette Barefoot has been on disability. But more than anything, what they really want is life the way it was.

"Yeah, I want it to go away," said Everette Barefoot.

"There's no reward with a human body's life," said Coats. "You can't put no price on that."

The Barefoots hope to one day meet Cynthia Moreland's family and personally express their condolences.


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